Monday, July 14, 2014

Life Through My Lens: Beauchamp Pt, Rockport, ME

Today was spent mostly in class, but we did get outdoors this afternoon.  We drove to a nearby location called Beauchamp Point, where it was fairly rocky, but it looked out over the water with some moored boats nearby.  There were several people sitting in chairs on the rocks, enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

I was glad to have my walking stick, since I still feel unsure on rocky outcroppings that sometimes require good balance and climbing, especially while carrying camera gear.  I got down to the edge of the rocks, where there were small snails and barnacles clinging to the rocks, many feeding on the kelp.

At one point, I ventured back up to the top of the rocks and there were some shoes and a t shirt.  Suddenly I heard a loud splash!  A young man had jumped into the water and was swimming down below.  I stayed near the top, when suddenly he appeared before me.  The shoes and the swimmer and the man emerging from the sea made for a nice trio of shots.

It's off to dinner now.  Tonight is a lecture at the Union Hall by the harbor, on portraits.

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