Friday, July 25, 2014

Life Through My Lens: On the Way Home

Silver Thread Falls
Mountain Laurel was still in bloom!
I honestly thought I could make it home in two full days on the road, with only one night in a hotel, but I was wrong.  So wrong.  My love of taking the slower roads is one reason, lots of road work is another reason, and weekend traffic is surely another.  I made it as far as Lancaster, PA, and then I looked for a place to stay.  I used my reward points for a free stay in a Holiday Inn Express.

Dingman's Falls
All of that driving takes its toll on my legs, so my first big stop today was at Dingman's Falls.  I was following Rt. 209 through the Delaware Water Gap in eastern Pennsylvania, when I decided to pull into the Visitor Center and walk to the falls.  There is a nice boardwalk that takes visitors on a stroll through the woods.  I found the Silver Thread Falls first, and just as soon as I got the tripod and camera set up, hordes of kids came pounding by, bouncing the boardwalk up and down.  I had to wait a good 10 minutes until everyone cleared out.

I did a quick plein air painting
while I was there!
I continued my walk to the larger falls.  The kids were busy climbing the set of 150 steps up to the very top of the falls.  I did not join them.  I knew they would probably come thundering back down the narrow steps as soon as I was halfway up.

My second stop was at a Wegman's in Easton, PA, for lunch, and then traffic caught up with me around Kutztown and Reading, where it was stop and go for miles and miles.  I arrived in Bird-in-Hand around 5:00, having driven through beautiful, pristine farmland.  I passed lots and lots of horse-drawn buggies and Amish teens on their bicycles.

Cool old drinking fountain
Golden Rain
I found a room near Lititz, PA, and went into town for dinner.  Not much was going on, at least that's what I thought, until I walked by the outdoor patio at the General Sutter Inn.  Half the town must have been drinking and dining there.  Obviously, I was not in the know about the cool place to go!

My route tomorrow will take me from Lancaster to Hanover, PA, and then on to home.  Sixteen days away from home has been a long haul, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I hope you've enjoyed my trip, too!

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