Monday, July 21, 2014

Life Through My Lens: Going Loony in Maine

This one came up right near the boat.
A new pump needs new buckets.
Today I drove to Oakland, Maine, where my friends Sally and Chris have a house on East Pond, part of the Belgrade lakes area.  The lovely lake is surrounded by homes and summer camps, and it is very quiet and peaceful here.

Mother and baby
Backlit grasses at water's edge
After lunch, Chris took us out in the boat to tour the lake.  I did not take my big lens, and coupled with movement on both my part and the part of the boat, most of my pix are of little, unfocused birds.  But we did see a number of loons, and even a couple with their babies.

Osprey nest
Beaver Dam
People were out fishing, floating in chaise lounges, or reading in Adirondack chairs by the lake edge. Later on we may go out again, when the light is better.  I'll be sure to bring my big lens. 

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