Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life Through My Lens -- Boothbay, Maine

You'd know where I was even if
I didn't tell you!
Maine is loaded with old cars and trucks
I got up a little later than I intended this morning, because I had drawn the blackout curtains in my hotel room. Therefore, sunlight did not wake me up, and my eyes popped open at 8:45. I must have needed the sleep!

Alfred's iconic white church.
Boothbay Harbor
I got on the road and headed for Concord, NH. I remembered stopping there once with my friend Joan, where we had a nice lunch, and I wanted to stop there again. I arrived around 11 a.m. and found a farmer's market right downtown. I saw a selection of baked goods and found wonderful gluten free products. I bought a whoopie pie, a lemon bar, and a blueberry muffin. The whoopee pie was breakfast! I also got coffee from a vendor selling his own roast – it was rich and delicious.

My morning walk was done up and down Main Street, enjoying the various shops and the people who were out on this beautiful Saturday morning. Leaving Concord, I headed for Sanford, Maine, wanting to stay away from the coast for now. I drove on interior roads until I got to Alfred, where I stopped for lunch. I continued on 202 to Gray, when I headed south for Freeport. In Freeport I got on Rt. 1 and drove north, through Wiscasset, then south on 27 to Boothbay.

Evening Entertainment
My home for the night is the White Anchor Inn. I unloaded stuff in my room, then went to Boothbay Harbor. It was quite crowded with tourists tonight, but I found ice cream for dinner and walked around. Then I drove down the scenic 96 loop, finding beautiful hamlets tucked into small coves – and very little parking anywhere to enjoy the water views. Maybe in the morning there will be fewer cars and I can catch the sunrise.

I need to swat the mosquito in this room before I turn off the lights – goodnight, all!

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