Saturday, July 19, 2014

Life Through My Lens: The Harpswell Area

Best friends.
Window at the Chocolate Church
Today I left Rockport and came south on Rt. 1, arriving in Brunswick around 11 a.m.  I did a good walk through town, browsing the shops and enjoying lunch (lobster salad in a roasted red bell pepper).

After lunch I continued my walk, ending up in a park where I purchased some ice cream and sat and watched the people enjoying the summer afternoon.  There was a beautiful inn with a large front porch across from the park.  The front walk was edged by a white picket fence decorated with flag bunting.
 A garden party was in progress -- it was either a wedding shower or a baby shower, because gifts were being opened and desserts were being passed.  I was reminded again of how much I love small town America.
Done for the day

Let's be clear about the prices!
I checked into my motel and immediately opened the windows in room #40.  Clearly the non-smoking signs in this room have been regarded as only a suggestion by the previous occupants of this room.  But everywhere there are No Vacancy signs, so I am glad to have a room for the next two nights.

A peek inside the church.
Harpswell Commons Graveyard
Around 4:00 I left to explore the Harpswell area.  On the way to the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant, which was recommended by my guidebook, I found a beautiful historic church and graveyard, known as the Harpswell Meeting House.  Built in 1757, it had hitching posts, a stone fence, and a mounting block.  A peek inside the church window showed Windsor style pews and pew boxes.  It looked just like it did 150 years ago.  The last grave interred in the yard was in 1900, because gravediggers kept discovering other graves when they dug new graves.

The Camera Bag at the Wharf
My future Maine house?
I continued my journey to the end of Basin Point Road, where I found the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant.  I had a lobster salad and enjoyed the view of the harbor.  After dinner, I drove around more of the side roads, finding small clusters of homes along the waterfronts.

Tomorrow will be a day of further exploration of this beautiful area.

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