Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 219 - Bluebells at Worthington Manor

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Bluebells from Underneath
Along the trail
I'd been waiting for this day for a year.  For some reason, last year during bluebell season, I was unable to walk the trail at Worthington Manor, part of the Monocacy Battlefield site, to find the bluebells along the Ford Loop that runs along the Monocacy River.

However this year, I watched the chatter going back and forth on my photography club email lists about the readiness of the blooms at Worthington and at Bull Run, and so I decided that today was the day to go and see.

Russ and Gary left behind
One of my favorites
I met friends Gary and Russ at the site, and we headed down the trail.  The two men had not met before, and when they launched into a discussion of thermal heating systems, I told them I was forging ahead.  I had a feeling they would have plenty of guy stuff to talk about, and I was anxious to get to the blooms.

The first part of the trail yielded tiny white and pink flowers known as Spring Beauty, and occasionally tiny yellow flowers.  Farther along the trail, when it was closer to the river, I found clumps of bluebells.  Some were still tight buds, but I estimate that about 1/4 of the bluebells were actually in bloom.  By the end of the week, there should be plenty of full display.

Dogtooth Violet
Hurricane Debris
Unfortunately, there was still a lot of hurricane damage--lots of downed trees and branches, although the trail was clear.  Debris clung up high on many of the branches of the trees, showing how high the water actually rose during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  I was happy to see that the bluebells survived the floodwater damage, although I am sure some were affected.

Near the end of the wooded section of the trail, before it dumped back out into the fields by the cattle pasture, I found yellow dogtooth violets, also known as trout lily.

Against a fallen tree
Clumps of buds soon to burst
Once I got on the lane that led back to the farmhouse, I called Gary and Russ and told them I would be sitting on the steps of the farmhouse, waiting for them to finish their walk.  When they finally joined me, they told me of spring peepers they took photos of, as well as the bluebells.

It was a great day to go wildflower hunting at Worthington.  I especially hope that my friend Joan and her daughter Katie enjoy the photos. 

River View


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