Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 252 - Mother's Day in Baker Park

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Mother duck and ducklings
Patriotic Park Patron
My family had a very low key Mother's Day today.  We are having a big get-together next weekend when relatives from Germany are here, so we agreed today to give each other a break and just made a couple of quick phone calls.  I hope your Mother's Day was fun and fulfilling.

I went today to Baker Park, one of Frederick's jewels.  Anchored on one end by a band shell and a carillon, the park offers so much to its visitors.  Carroll Creek wends its way along one side, graced by weeping willows and walking paths.  As you work your way from the east end of the park, you pass open fields where couples are picnicking under trees and groups are playing impromptu games of soccer or frisbee.  Farther along are picnic pavilions and playgrounds.  On the left is the swinging bridge.  Next are the public swimming pool, the ball fields, a covered bridge, and Culler Lake.  If you continue walking to the very end, you end up at Schifferstadt Museum.
Another mother and her babies

The covered bridge
Lots of people were out enjoying the beautiful day, despite the cooler temps and stiff breeze.  Boys were jumping in puddles, kids were feeding the ducks, fathers and sons were fishing, young people were jogging, and babies were being pushed in strollers.  I lost count of how many dogs were being walked.
Park Musician

As I was returning to my car, I saw a family bundling the kids back into the car.  The father asked his son, "Now wasn't playing in the park better than eating ice cream?"  The kid thought, then said, "Not really."

Ultimate Frisbee Game
Hmmm...  Why can't they do both?  Guess where I headed next.


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