Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 259 - Mount Pleasant, MD

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Barn with quilt patch
I decided today to see if Mount Pleasant, a small community that borders Rt. 26 between Frederick and Libertytown, lives up to its name. 

The Avalon Restaurant
I parked at a church at one end of town and made my way along Rt. 26 back into town, passing a few businesses along the way.  First I saw the Ruritan Club, which is sponsoring a golf tournament soon. There was a restaurant, with signs advertising seafood, ribs, beef, weiners, wings, and karaoke.  It was trying to appeal to everyone.  Another was a liquor store, always the busiest places in small towns.  There was a Kubota dealer, a granite countertop business, a grain mill, and a consignment shop for children and mothers-to-be.  On one of the side streets, past the grain mill, there was a bakery and candy shop.
Wild Rose
In some of the yards, Knockout roses were groaning with blooms, peonies were popping, columbine was climbing, and azalea and rhododenron were competing for attention.  Along one stretch of road, I noticed a very pleasant smell, and I realized it was coming from a huge wild rose bush across the street.  That, I decided, was definitely a pleasant finding in Mount Pleasant.

Grain Mill
Columbines of many colors
The most unpleasant thing I found in this little town was the traffic.  The walking was difficult, mostly because there were no sidewalks.  I had to walk on the shoulders for the majority of my visit.  Cars whizzed past me along Rt. 26, which is an East/West two lane highway that begins in Frederick and ends in Baltimore. 

Old Ford?
I'm sure, at one time, this little village was not as divided as it appears today.  The highway was probably widened, gobbling up front yards and sacrificing sidewalks.  Even though the homes and businesses here have a Walkerville address, there was clearly a community established many years ago, and it was given the name of Mount Pleasant.

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