Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 304 - Monocacy Boulevard, Part I

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Is she gone yet?
Framed Silo
I should never make assumptions that either the walk or the photos will be disappointing or fabulous before I get to the location I intend to walk.  Sometimes, I am totally surprised by great pix in what I assume is going to be a fairly dull place photowise, or I expect great pix and then am disappointed.

Thistle and wheat
Today's walk was one such walk.  I decided to walk on the portion of Monocacy Boulevard that runs between E. Patrick Street and E. Church Street.  It starts by the intersection that has the PNC Bank on one corner and the Sheetz on the catty-corner.   I parked at the PNC, then started my walk along Monocacy all the way to E. Church.

Carroll Creek
Along the walk, I passed a beer distributor, a sign business, some other commercial operations, and then I crossed the intersection at Hughes Ford Road, which leads to the airport.  I continued along Monocacy, passing cornfields and barns.  The rain from earlier in the day had finally stopped, and the sky turned from gray to blue with puffy white clouds by the end of my walk.

At the big intersection of Monocacy and E. Church, I crossed the road and began the return trip.  There are good, new sidewalks on both sides of the road, and much of the road is bordered by farmland.

Country Scenery
I found 6 groundhogs on my walk, who scurried to their large burrows in the ground as I approached.  I stopped and waited a while at one of the burrows, and finally one did pop his head out, to see if the coast was now clear.

Burgers and Ice Cream!
At the beginning of the walk, I had turned on the "Map My Run" app, and the entire round trip on foot was 3.41 miles, which took me one hour.  I was soaked in perspiration by the end.  From now on, I am packing a towel and a small bottle of water in my day pack.  The first thing I did when I returned to my starting point was to get a cold drink at the Beef N Buns N Paradise.  (Surprise -- not ice cream!)

Strange Carnival Ride?
It was a great workout today, and the pix were not bad, either.  I look forward to completing the second leg of the Boulevard, from Rt. 355 to E. Church and back, sometime soon!

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