Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 363 - Wining Down the Days

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Almost ready for harvest
The Tasting Room
Oops!  Did I leave the "d" out of the title of today's entry?  I think not!  As I sip my glass of Viognier from Black Ankle, I am both "wining" and "winding" down the days.  Ah, but I certainly am not doing any whining.

On this nice Sunday afternoon, I decided to once again visit my favorite winery, Black Ankle.  I have walked there in the winter and in the spring, but today I needed to pick up my wine allotment anyway, so I knocked on my neighbor's door and asked Mary Alice to come with me.

Wearing Fall Colors
Sisters with Mom
This was Mary Alice's first visit to Black Ankle.  She lived on the Shore for many years, on the other side of Salisbury from me, but we did not know each other until she moved here a year ago.  We walked down the lane to the barn area where the barrels of wines are stored, saying hello to the fellows at the drinking trough.  Next we walked up the hills among the vines, admiring how fat and purple the grapes are looking.

Hangin' with the guys.
We continued our walk around the vines, then back down to the tasting room, where we admired the stucco walls, the stone fireplace, the grapevine/resin countertops, and the racks of bottles.  A hostess led us to an outside tasting room, where we tasted four wines today.  Mary Alice is partial to the reds; I love them all.

The original farm; barrels age in the center barn.
It was a pleasant afternoon walk at Black Ankle, and I was happy to introduce Mary Alice to not only my favorite local wines, but to one my favorite places to walk, regardless of the season.

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