Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 21 - Buckeystown, MD

Today I had every intention of doing my walk at Chartreuse, a shabby chic sort of barn/marketplace near Buckeystown.  However, there was not much walking opportunity except just around the barn, so I went a little farther into the little unincorporated town of Buckeystown.
One of the historic homes

There is not much online about the history of this little place, but when you walk along Rt. 85, its main road, you discover small historical markers along the way.  

Like many of the small towns I walk in, the sidewalks are either crumbling, cracked and heaved by time and tree roots, or are non-existent.  I had a discussion with a resident who was having a yard sale about the condition/lack of sidewalks, and he said that there is a desire among the residents to improve the situation, and that they even had plans drawn up, but because the town is unincorporated, the expense would fall to the property owners themselves, and they can't afford the expense.  

Alexander's Restaurant
The town sprang up around a tannery established in 1775 by the Buckey brothers.  They used the bark from the hardwood forests for the tannins and the fresh water from a natural spring.  Later, a brickyard was established, and some of the old sidewalk portions and a few of the brick homes were made from the local bricks.

The Antiques Shop
There is not too much of a commercial center to this place, but there are at least two places to eat, an antiques shop, a place that makes and sells mulch, and a woodstove shop.  There is also a bed and breakfast.  

This place had an 1884 plaque on it.  I missed seeing it the first time I walked by on the other side of the street.  It is completely covered by vines.  Note the angled upper story, which I included so you could see that it really is larger than just the gabled front door.  
I walked up one side of the street and back down the other, avoiding traffic where there were no sidewalks.  There were some homes that were big and beautiful and clearly historic, and others that were in need of or that were undergoing renovation.  However, the country views behind the homes on either side of the road were expansive vistas of farmland and rolling hills that were a pleasure to see.

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