Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 5: The Catoctin Pottery

Today I needed to make a delivery to Catoctin Pottery, so I decided to take a walk along Poffenberger Road, which is a delightful gravel road near Jefferson, Maryland.

The road is steep and winding in places, with blind curves and non-existent shoulders, but if you obey the 25 mph speed limit and slow down on the curves, it is easily navigated, even if you meet an oncoming vehicle.

At the pottery, which is contained in an old historic mill, I met with Susan Hanson, the potter, who lives in the mill.  Her husband, John, installs green toilet systems, and together they espouse an environmentally responsible lifestyle -- complete with electric car and solar panels on the roof.

Suzy accompanied me on my walk down the road past the pottery, pointing out the different types of foliage and identifying various butterflies along the way.

Fall is coming, and the Hansons welcome visitors to their property and to the pottery.  Poffenberger Road is a scenic drive (or walk) alongside the Catoctin Creek.  Consider making a visit to the pottery this fall, to enjoy the leaves and the sound of the crunch under your tires of the gravel road.

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Cam's rules for the Daily Photo Walk:

  1. walk every day
  2. the walk must be in addition to any other planned activity for the day
  3. post a photo every day
  4. use my Nikon P7100 (it is a very convenient size and weight)
  5. no weather excuses

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