Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 25 - Jefferson, MD

Today I needed to make a delivery near Jefferson, Maryland, so that is where I did my walk.  I parked at a bank at one end of town and walked to the other end and back, wandering through one graveyard along the way.

Because it was an overcast day with flat light, I decided to shoot with the monochrome setting on my camera.  When you know that the only thing you can get from your camera is black and white, at least when using this setting, you look at your subject matter differently.  Architecture is a natural, and scenes like colorful fall mums are not good for monochrome.

I liked the symmetry on this structure.
The little town has at least three churches and a few businesses, including a bake shop where I purchased some "Harvest Brittle."  I munched on that on my way way to the post office at the end of town, where I mailed a package I had waiting in my pack.

Outside the post office was one of the best views in town, I think.  I tried a panoramic shot, handheld, which turned out well once I got home to merge the photos.

I probably will not use the monochrome setting anymore.  I can always turn a color photo into black and white.  Besides, the setting added a very grainy look to the black and white, which I was not too fond of.  I would rather make added grain an option in the editing process.

When limbs grow around the wires, cut the tree and leave little logs behind.

I started carrying around a card to give out on my walks, explaining why I am walking around neighborhoods with my camera. 

On it I listed my start date, September 3, and my goals:  to get daily exercise, to explore my surroundings, and to post the photo on a blog about the experience, hoping to inspire others.  I also listed my blog address and my website address. 

So far, I have given out four of the cards.  And the "inspire" part of the goal might be working, because today, after only 25 days, page views have topped 1000 and I got a reply to the tweets I have been sending to Nikon.  

I know it is still early days, but I am loving this daily photo walk.  If you have a place you would like for me to include in my travels, please let me know, and I'll add it to my list of places to go.

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Cam's rules for the Daily Photo Walk:

  1. walk every day
  2. the walk must be in addition to any other planned activity for the day
  3. post a photo every day
  4. use my Nikon P7100 (it is a very convenient size and weight)
  5. no weather excuses
  6. walk only where it is safe to do so

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