Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 24 - Washington Grove

Today I needed to make a trip to Gaithersburg to visit my mother.  She lives near a unique community called Washington Grove.  After I got done fixing her email problem, which was a high priority, I took an hour long walk in The Grove.

Washington Grove is one of the stops on the MARC train that goes into Washington, D.C.  It was established back in August of 1873.  The B&O Railroad had recently completed a line from Washington to Gaithersburg, and it was there that a group of Methodists formed the Washington Grove Camp Meeting Association and held a tent revival.  The railroad offered discounts to the Methodists attending the camp, as a way to increase business on the new line.  

Read more about the the fascinating history of this small town within Gaithersburg, as it evolved from a tent camp to an artists community to the tiny, quaint town listed on the National Historic Register that it is today:  History

I walked into Washington Grove, after crossing the railroad tracks, and began to follow the paved roads.  But I soon realized that the paved roads line the backsides of the houses.  They are the avenues to the parking places and recycling bins of Washington Grove.  The quaint houses that evolved from the original tent encampment face the unpaved walkways, either grass or gravel lanes.  
Gable Detail

There is a sizable park within this "town," which is devoid of any commercial business.  Except for Center Street, which obviously runs through the center of the town, streets are named for trees like "Grove" and "Maple" and "Cherry" and "Chestnut."  There is a mixture of house styles today, because I am sure that many of the original old Victorian cottages have been lost over time, and newer homes have been built in their stead.  However, the charm abounds on the grass lined lanes, and I can think of no better place to walk again when I next visit my mother.

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