Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 22 - Hood College

After my meeting at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center this afternoon, I drove to Hood College, located right here in Frederick, MD.  I parked a few blocks from campus, then walked down Dill Avenue to find it.

It's funny, but I have lived here for two years, and as a resident who even reads the local paper, I find that Hood is a very quiet part of the community.  I lived near Salisbury University for 40 years, and I am even an alumni of Salisbury; over the years, Salisbury University and the community have at times been at odds, usually over parking, noise, and loud parties.  But here in Frederick, I hear and read very little about Hood College, which obviously keeps a low profile for most area residents.
Of course, Hood College is about one third the size of Salisbury, and until 2003, only women were living on campus.  It has been co-ed since 1971, but only to commuting men.  They were not allowed to live on campus until nine years ago.

Hood College was established in 1893 as a girl's school in a couple of still occupied buildings in downtown Frederick.  One now houses a church, and the other houses various Frederick County government offices.  Later it moved to the edge of town, and the campus has now blended into the 
fine surrounding neighborhoods.

Hood has a very classical look, with red brick buildings with white trim and white fluted columns.  I only saw a dozen students while doing my walk around 2:30 in the afternoon.  They must have all been in class.
After I left campus, I walked through some beautiful, well established neighborhoods along W. College Avenue.  They had well-tended lawns, mature trees, and manicured flower beds.

Hood College is an important part of Frederick's past and obviously its future.


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