Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 26 - East Street in Frederick

My walk today was along East Street along the edge of downtown Frederick, MD.  There does not seem to be a West Street, but East Street is long and down the center of it are the remains of old trolley tracks.  I parked in a trendy little shopping area called Shab Row and then walked north on East Street, passing a bakery, a railroad museum, car repair shops, a welding company, and other businesses.

The farther north I went, the more "industrial" the area got, with remnants of old factories and warehouses that now house antiques shops and one business that specializes in custom countertops.  A new restaurant by Bryan Voltaggio of Top Chef fame has opened in a former car dealership.  Farther down East Street I found a shopping center with a bead shop, a Family Dollar store, an insurance business, and more.

I crossed the street and came back down the other side of East Street, passing a laundromat, a hobby store, a Chinese restaurant, and an antiques dealer called Great Stuff by Paul.  

I passed a 7 ft. high rock wall that enclosed a cemetery, so I thought that would be a good place to try out the flip screen on my camera.  I placed the camera on top of the foot thick wall, with the screen angled down so that I could see it.  The camera wanted to focus on the top of the wall that it was sitting on, so I set the camera for manual focus and using the view in the flipped down screen, pressed the multifunction dial until the graves in the distance came into focus.  Mind you, this is all accomplished with me standing on my tiptoes, holding the camera on the top of the wall high above my head.  I pressed the shutter and hoped that the shot was successful.  I think it was.  This technique could be useful for spying over fences and around corners, I suppose.

I finished my 45 minute walk with ice cream at a shop in Shab Row.

This fading trumpet flower looked like it was made out of fabric.

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  1. A friend who lives downtown told me the tracks that run along East Street are old train tracks. I should have known he would know...