Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 104 - Middletown, MD

Approaching Middletown
The awful news of yesterday's school shooting is working on the minds and spirits of many people that I know.  Worried mothers were posting on Facebook this morning, asking advice on what to tell their children about the awful tragedy in Newtown.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families, the first responders, the police officers, the teachers, the parents, the student survivors, and everyone who is affected by this tragedy, which will be felt far and wide for years to come.

Zion Lutheran Church
One way to get my mind off a topic that is bothering me or that I can't wrap my head around is by taking these daily walks.  It gives me an hour of respite, and as I am walking, I concentrate on noticing good photo opportunities, reading signs and historical markers to learn more about the place I am visiting, and working out a rough draft of the day's blog. So really, it is more than just exercise and photographs that I am getting -- I also get a little peace of mind, away from things for a while.

Historic Doorway
I had been saving Middletown for a Christmas season walk.  It is a beautiful community, much like Newtown, where residents take pride in their homes, their neighborhoods, their schools, and their history.  As you approach Middletown on Alternate Route 40 (also known as the Old National Pike, one of my favorite roads) from the east, there is a line of Victorian homes that welcome you to town.  Going down the hill into Middletown, which is in the valley between Braddock and South Mountains, you can see the white spire of the Zion Lutheran Church, which was used as a general hospital during the Civil War.
One of many Victorians

I parked my car near the Victorian lineup and walked up and down this part of town, before entering into the downtown, commercial area.  Most of the homes were beautifully decorated for Christmas.  Then I continued down the hill and into town, being careful not to trip on uneven sections of sidewalk, which is always a hazard in older towns.

Another Victorian

Main's is now The Main Cup, the main eatery on Main Street.

So many great Victorians!
A downtown property
The Middletown Historical Society has done a great job of marking buildings and providing informative panels for visitors like me to read.  Many old photographs of Middletown are etched into some of these panels.  I really enjoyed walking up and down the length of Main Street, learning about the buildings.

I will revisit Middletown again in the spring, when gardens are sure to be lush and colorful.  On my next visit, I will walk some of the side streets, as well.  Thank you, Middletown, for providing a nice little escape from my thoughts today.

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