Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 112 - N. Market St. in Frederick

I needed to go to the grocery store today (and so, apparently, did everyone else in Frederick), so I decided to take my walk near Wegman's.  Rt. 355, aka Market Street as it is known in downtown Frederick, was once the main north/south route between the southernmost point in Montgomery County and Frederick.  I have walked it in Urbana, at Best Farm, in Germantown, in Hyattstown, and in downtown Frederick.  It roughly parallels I-270, the commuter clogged north/south Interstate.

Garage door as art
Anyway, the very northern end of Rt. 355 is behind the old Routzahn's Furniture store, which was endlessly going out of business for the first two years I lived here, but now has been resurrected as a new outlet furniture store.  The end of Rt. 355, or N. Market, runs into Rt. 26, which continues on to Walkersville and Libertytown, scenes of other walks.  It's all starting to get connected!
Flying Barrel

This section of town is commercial, with old buildings mixing in with new.  If you want to buy a used vehicle, a piano, or some etched window glass, this is where you come.  If you want to get some fresh roasted coffee beans or earn a degree in massage therapy, this is also where you come.

I parked at a middle school a good ways before the end of Rt. 355 and did my usual thing of walking one side of the road to the end, then coming back down the other.  I do that whenever it is safe, although in many locations, there are sidewalks only on one side of a road.

Rickety barn
Reflected elegance
When I got to the end near Routzahns, there was an old barn that is nearly gone.  I managed to get the sun peeking over the top.  In the parking lot of Routzahns is an old brick house, and as I walked by, the door opened and a woman invited me in.  She said it is now the design center for the store.  It was nicely done inside, with small furniture and accessories.  That is where I got the mirror shot.

Who remembers wing windows?
Near the end of my walk I decided to visit a pair of old abandoned vehicles I had photographed before, so I walked behind a repair shop to see if they were still there.  I am so glad I did, because trapped in the old car were two female cardinals.  They were flinging themselves against the back window, trying to get out.  I took their photos before I opened the door of the car to let them out, but every time I got near, they would fly to the other side of the car, so these were the best pix I could get.  I then opened the door and had to knock on the windows to get them to realize they could now escape, and out they flew!  I am so glad I was able to rescue those poor little gals.  Cardinals are one of my favorite birds, and I hope those two will be smart enough not to wriggle their way back inside that car again.  They must have gotten in through a rusted out portion of the undercarriage.

So, a potentially mundane walk today turned out to have quite a variety of photos and gave me an opportunity to do a good deed!

Cardinal 1

Cardinal 2

The car they were trapped in.

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Donate to the Red Cross, and I will mail you a 5 x 7 print from any of the photos I have posted on my blog OR any photo on my website.

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