Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 107 - I took a fall in New Windsor

Lying in wait...
The thing I have remarked about, and warned about in numerous blog posts, has been sidewalk trip hazards in aging and old towns.  Today, in New Windsor, Maryland, about 10 minutes into my walk, one of those darned trip hazards, a marked one no less, reached up and took me out.

I fell face first, using my palms to break my fall.  I figured it was better than using my face.  I laid face down, with my camera smashed under my chest, and I let loose with the f-bomb -- twice -- which is highly unusual for me.  No one was around to witness my fall or the aftermath.  After about 30 seconds, I rolled over and took inventory of the damage.
Victorian 1

My sunglasses, the new ones that I wear on a chain around my neck and folded on my chest when they are not on my nose, were safely tucked away in my daypack; otherwise, they would have been cracked all to pieces. I was wearing my gloves, which now are sporting holes at the base of the palms. My knees are bruised, and I am so thankful that I did not crack a kneecap. My right hand, at the base of the thumb, feels the worst. I have been icing it and took some Ibuprofen.

Wish it were so...
I know you are wondering about the camera.  Luckily, I have a habit of turning the camera off after I take a photo, ostensibly to save the battery.  But turning off the camera also retracts the lens, and because the Nikon P7100 is such a flat fronted camera, and in a durable metal body, it had no damage other than some nicks and scrapes.  I tried the camera, and the lens came out just fine.  I had been trying to break myself of the turning-off-the-camera habit, but now I see that it is probably, for me, a good thing.  If I had been walking with my DSLR, I would have had cracked ribs as well as a severely damaged camera and lens.

Victorian 2
Victorian 3
I got to my feet and continued with my walk.  After all, I had driven 20 minutes to get there, the weather was much improved over the last few days, and I did not have any time limitations.  After being ill yesterday, I was just so happy to have my energy back.  I was not going to let this fall get me down (pun intended).

New Windsor is in Carroll County, between Westminster and Union Bridge, both featured in earlier posts.  It has a number of streets and neighborhoods, making it much larger than I had previously thought when traveling through it on my way to Westminster.  It has numerous brick Victorians with turrets, some beautifully restored.  There is little commerce in the middle of the town, apart from a big bank building and a museum, the sign on which says it is open "most" Saturdays.  I did see one restaurant.  Services such as the fire department were on the outskirts of town.

Brethren Service Center
One end of town is dominated by three four story brick buildings clustered together, such as those on a college campus.  Actually, the buildings were originally a college (see town history), but now they are the Church of the Brethren Service Center, which houses a number of international ministries.

I'm happy to report that the wrist feels better after the icing and the Ibuprofen.  From now on, when I am in those towns where the sidewalks are more hazardous than walking in the street, which is an ironic concept, I will be a streetwalker (pun intended, again).

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