Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 154 - The Trail at Thomas Farm

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Dried maple seeds

The barn at Thomas Farm
This crazy weather again -- snow last night, melting this morning, flurries on and off all afternoon, with the sun peeking through the clouds from time to time.  It was under these sunshine-with-flurries conditions that I decided to try the trail at Thomas Farm.

I was the only one on this section of the Monocacy Battlefield today.  The last time I was here in the fall, corn was dried in the fields, but not harvested.  Today there was corn stubble in the field between the trail and busy Rt. 270.  The cows which were usually present in another of the fields were much farther away, difficult to see.

I love a lone tree!
I rounded the red barn and took off down the gravel path between fields, paralleling Rt. 270, which was visible through the trees and definitely a roar of traffic in my ears.  During the Civil War, there was nothing between Thomas and Worthington Farms but fields.  The main north/south route in that time was Rt. 355, a few miles away on the other side of Thomas Farm.

Worthington Farm is visible
across Rt. 270 at
the back of the farm.
I walked the path until it deteriorated into a slippery, muddy track, so I turned around and went back to the barn.  All in all I probably walked a mile.

I will come back to finish the trail sometime when it is a little safer and drier in the wooded area.

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  1. Love your photos and blogs. I look forward to seeing your post everyday. God bless!