Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 152 - Ijamsville, MD

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More history gone.
You can't see cars coming here.
Lots and lots of people live in Ijamsville.  Or so it would seem, if you look at the addresses of places that say Ijamsville.  But when I think of Ijamsville, I think of the little row of homes, the church, and what appears to be an old school that hug the downhill drop on Mussetter Road to the railroad crossing.

This road is not a safe place to walk, but I took a chance on it, anyway.  There are no shoulders, and certainly no sidewalks.  The hills are steep and curvy, so you can't even see approaching traffic until it is right on you.  But I kept my hood off, even though it was cold and windy today, so that I could use my hearing to assist me in keeping safe.  Plus, I mostly walked in people's front yards, and not on the road.

Old School?
It's all uphill in Ijamsville
I parked at the church, which has a small graveyard behind it.  I did not know that one was there, because it is not really noticeable from the road.  Next to the church is another brick building that looks like it once may have been a country school.  It is now houses a childcare business.

I walked down the hill to the railroad tracks.  There used to be an old brick building next to the tracks, would may have been a depot, but it was torn down a few weeks ago.  I did get some good photos of it in November of 2011, but now it's lost history.

What goes on behind the woodshed?
Grate Art in Ijamsville
Speaking of history, Wikipedia has the only historic information that I could find online about Ijamsville, which was named after a man named Plummer Ijams, when he became the first recorded resident in 1785.  His son built a grist mill there, and the area became known as Ijams Mill.  The road that runs through Ijamsville, Mussetter Road, was named for Lemuel Mussetter, the first postmaster.  The post office is gone from Ijamsville; it is now bunked in with the New Market post office.

My GPS likes to pronounce the "j," but it is silent in "I - ams - ville."  If you don't want to sound like a tourist, or a GPS, pronounce it the way the locals do.  I learned that the first week I moved here.

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  1. Actually Plummer was the first postmaster.