Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 155 - Buckeystown Revisited

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Overgrown Abode
My young friend Jessi, who has a 20 month old daughter, finds very little time to get out and take photos, but because her husband was able to stay home today with the little one, she jumped at the chance to go with me on my photo walk.
Stapling glasses to your head
keeps them on for sure!

On a previous blog posting of photos in Buckeystown, Jess remarked that she loved the ivy covered house that looked spooky.  So I promised her a walk in Buckeystown today.  We parked at the closed antiques shop on Rt. 85 in the center of town and walked first going south.

We liked this trike.
Mayne's Tree Farm is at the end of town, and they were filling the sky with billowing gray smoke, burning off their leftover Christmas trees.  Ash was coming down on us like it was snowing.  We decided we didn't care for the air quality, and after snapping a few shots of a big Victorian (I posted some shots of it on my last walk there), we went back toward the town center, stopping in at Bodmer's.  Mr. Bodmer sells wood stoves and his wife sells her handmade pottery in the little stone building that houses their shop.
Pods reveal berries

Hansel and Gretel's place?
We continued north on Rt. 85, stopping to read the historical markers along the way.  Jessi said that she would never have known that the markers were along the roadside unless she was walking, which is what I have found to be so very true.  We miss so much whizzing along in our cars and trucks, and there is much out there to be discovered.

We found the ivy covered house and took some photos, trying out different camera settings and angles.  It was fun to be with a young photographer who wants to learn.  I was a beginner a few years ago, and I am still learning.  We practiced getting good closeup shots, especially on leaves and berries.

Red on red
Wall of icicles!
After we left Buckeystown, we drove along Michaels Mill Rd,  where the Monocacy River was still so full from the recent heavy rains.  Jessi also spotted a wall of icicles dripping down a huge rockface.  The wall was at least 15 feet tall, just covered in layers of ice.

We had a good time together.  Thanks, Jessi, for coming on my walk today!

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