Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 123 - Shopping Center Circuit

I drove around to scout out some good walking locations.  First I went to Gambrill State Park, but it was closed.  It is at the top of a mountain, and I will look forward to going there in the spring or summer.  There was quite a bit of snow at that elevation.

Second I drove to Braddock Heights, which holds a lot of promise, but none of the sidewalks were shoveled there, and it was not safe to walk in the road.

I started running out of afternoon, since I still have a huge to-do list to accomplish before the weekend, so I parked at Walmart before going into the store to pick up some things I needed, and that's where I walked the entire perimeter of its grounds and the big shopping center adjacent to it.  That provided me with a good 20 minute walk, but it drove home the point to me that we are a very trashy society.  Nearly every bush had a bit of paper or plastic stuck under its branches.  Plastic cups and bottles and fast food bags and paper receipts were littering the ground.  There are plenty of trash receptacles up by the building, but the parking lots and surrounding landscaping were in sore need of a crew to come by and pick up the trash.  I decided to spare you the photos of that mess, since I am sure you have seen plenty of it, too.

I did find a couple of good shadow plays, proving that even in something like a big box store commercial shopping center, you can still create some interesting, abstract photos.



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