Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 148 - North Market Street, Frederick

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I made a coaster tile delivery to The Muse this afternoon, and on my way out of the city, I headed north on Market Street.  As I approached 8th Street, I saw free parking, and decided to park and walk north on Market. 

Frederick does not have a "Main Street," unlike many of the other historic towns I have visited.  Its main street is Market Street, which is also known as Rt. 355, which was the primary north/south route from Washington, DC, to Pennsylvania.  Its origins date back to colonial times.  Through downtown Frederick, it is known as Market Street.

Good use of a stump!
1910 style duplexes
Closer to historic downtown, the houses are primarily brick duplexes, very close to the street.  These dwellings were built in the late 1800's.  As you go farther out of town, you notice the change in styles and size of the homes.  They are still brick duplexes, for the most part, but they now have deeper front porches and a front yard.  Most of these homes were built in the early 1900's to around 1920.  Whole blocks have similar styles, changing with the eras in which they were built.  It was like walking along a timeline from 1880 to 1930.

Old Single Family Home
The white mansion
A few blocks more, and the homes change to a mixture of larger duplexes and some single family homes from the 1940's.  Occasionally there is a large Victorian style home mixed in.  It was probably a "singleton" many years ago, on a large lot far outside of town, which has now been subdivided and sold for multiple family lots.  Most of these larger anomolies are taken over by insurance agencies or health providers.  However there was one huge white brick home, at the corner of 12th and Market, that looked like it should be a wedding center.  It occupied half of an entire city block.  There were no identifying signs that I could see, so it must still be privately owned.  There was a 6 car garage in the rear.  It would easily fit my two cars and bikes, with plenty of room left for the recycling bin and trash can!
I walked from 7th Street to 15th Street, turning around at Governor Thomas Johnson High School.  The side streets that opened onto Market Street provide so many more walking opportunities for me through old neighborhoods.  I'm sure I'll be returning soon.

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