Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 143 - Gambrill Mill at Monocacy

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Caught in the ice
Frozen in time
I am finally figuring out this cold weather photo walking thing.  What better way to take advantage of the freezing weather than to go and see what has frozen?  After all, I would not be able to do that in warmer weather.  So, today I headed for the park at Gambrill Mill, which not only has streams and a pond, but it borders the Monocacy River.

As you might predict, I was the only person there, except for the park employees who were snug in their office quarters located on the premises.  I began my walk on the trail/boardwalk that runs by the streams, finding little icy islands and great shelves of ice along the edges.  I could get right down to the water's edge, which is normally muddy and soft, but today, it was firm and crunchy.

Blooming Lichen?
Monocacy Railroad Bridge
I continued on the boardwalk to the river.  The Monocacy had some flowing sheets of ice in the center, and shelves of ice at the edges.  Continuing along the trail next to the river, I could see the damage from Hurricane Sandy, when the river reached maximum flood stage.  There were still lots of log jams in the river, and the high water level could be seen in the trees, where clumps of leaves had caught in the branches.

Pondside Visitor
I walked farther to the grassy area between the split rail fences, where there was tons of great lichen on the wood.  I even found some that looked like it was in bloom.

Gumball on ice
I came to the frozen pond, and in it were frosty ice patterns and leaves that were suspended in the ice.  I was able to lay my camera on the ice to take water level shots of leaves caught in the ice and gum balls that had fallen from the tree above onto the ice.  While I was sitting in the grass at the pond's edge, which again is normally too mushy to walk on, a great blue heron paid a visit to the other side of the pond.

What a great walk!  I was out for 50 minutes, using my bundling techniques learned yesterday, and time flew by.  I could have stayed all day.

If you are considering a freezing weather walk, seek out something frozen!

Icy Island
Flood Level Evidence in the Trees

Ice folds like fabric

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