Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 141 - Port Deposit, MD

Beamie Up!
Backfin Blues
After we left Pennsylvania this morning, my friend Beamie and I headed south to the Conowingo Dam to see if there were any of the famed eagles flying in the spray below the dam.  There were at least four, and I have included one photo below, even though it was not part of my official walk.

Part of the Tome Institute
Then we headed south along the Susquehanna River to Port Deposit, MD.  It was once dubbed "the town that couldn't grow," because it is built on a narrow strip of land between granite cliffs and the river.  However, there is a lot of new construction between the railroad tracks and the river.  The original, historic town still lines the main street, much of it in need of revitalization.

We parked at the marina end of town, in view of the bridges across the Susquehanna and walked north along Main Street.  We marveled at the terraces shored by up stone walls, built into the sides of the granite cliffs.

Double Arches --
Part of the
old Tome Institute,
not Mickey D's
Water Witch Fire Station
According to this link, Port Deposit was the place where Jacob Tome arrived penniless and became one of the richest men in the U.S. through lumber and banking.  He wanted the children of Port Deposit to have a superior education, so he built the Jacob Tome Institute, which was a series of large granite block buildings, some of which are still standing today.

Another old Institute Building

It was great to spend three days in a row with Beamie.  She is the person who first intruduced me to taking photo walks, because no matter where we would go, she would always have a camera in her hand, stopping to take pictures of interesting things along the way.  I just had not realized a year or two ago that that is what we were doing, and it was a treat to spend three days doing my "formal" photo walks together!

Soaring with the eagles!

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