Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 129 - South St. in Libertytown

Guardian of the Farm
Flower bed...literally.
I just love my job!!  The day when you think there is going to be nothing special to share, and you pick a place that you hardly expect to yield great photos, and it's drizzling and chilly and wet, and you just want to walk to get it over with, you are so surprised when there were some great photos that you never expected to see!  That's what makes this daily photo walking so much fun.  I am not walking in exotic or famous places, for the most part.  It's small towns and back roads and parks.  But if you keep your eye sharp, you'll find stuff to photograph no matter where you walk.
Fire siren

Wary Kitties
I went to Libertytown again today, to walk the road that parallels Rt. 26.  I parked at a pool store that is closed for the season, and walked down South Street.  It has some homes, lots of backyards of homes that line Main Street, and businesses like an excavating company, the fire department, and the carnival grounds.

Near the end of South St. was an abandoned house or two, with broken windows, steps covered with vines, etc.  I was photographing the window with the torn screens when I realized there were a pair of cats looking out at me.  They were so hard to see, at first.  I did get a couple of shots before I stepped closer and they jumped out of the window into the inner part of the house. 

Run, man, run!
Oh, deer.
I continued my walk to the end of South Street, which merges into Rt. 26.  There is a graveyard across the street from the elementary school.  I undid the gate and went in, liking the juxtaposition of the monuments and the farm scene on the other side of the graveyard. 

Flower Graveyard
There was also another sort of graveyard within this graveyard, which was a pile of old silk flower arrangements that were probably collected and dumped in the corner by whoever has to mow the cemetery.

On my way back down South Street, the cats were on the porch of the house, still very wary of me.

Enjoy my unexpected bounty of photos today.  I know I enjoyed finding them!

See the cats behind the screen?

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