Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 134 - No Plans Needed

St. Ignatius
People ask me if I plan in advance where I am going on my walks.  Usually, I don't.  A lot of where I go is dependent on what I have to do for the day.  For example, today I was scheduled to volunteer downtown until 1:00.  I planned to go out to eat after my shift, then walk downtown in a new location.  However, when I got to the Delaplaine, I was asked if I could stay until 2:00.  I agreed to do so, and as soon as I left the building, it started to rain.  I had not brought my rain gear, so I ran a couple of errands I needed to do, then drove home to get my rain coat and rubber boots.  I am learning that I should always have those in the car, despite the forecast.

So, the bottom line is that I rarely announce where I will be or what time I will be going, because plans change too frequently.  This past weekend, I knew I would be going to the Shore and making Easton be my first stop, with Chestertown planned for the next day.  That was fairly easy to stick to.  This lack of planning in advance makes it difficult to meet up with others for doing my walk, unless they are as flexible as I am able to be.  I can see one of my resolutions, to walk more often with others, starting to slide down the drain.  So far, in the first two weeks of this year, I have walked twice with others -- each time with Norma, because she was with me on the road trip.  She did not have a choice!

Hungry Emus
So by the time I was ready to do my walk, it was 4:00, and it was spitting rain again.  I almost broke down and walked in my neighborhood, but I am going to need that on the days that the snow is a foot deep.

I drove to the intersection of Ijamsville Road and Fingerboard Road, where there is a Catholic Church, St. Ignatius.  It has a large campus across from a petting farm.  I parked the car and approached the farm, but the "No trespassing" signs kept me off the property, and I have learned to obey those.  The emus came running when they saw me near, hoping that I had food for them, I suppose.  The goats, alpaca, sheep, and geese couldn't have cared less about my presence.

I walked the entire perimeter of the church campus and the large field next door that was for sale.  It made for an OK walk and a lousy set of photos, but after the great weekend I had, I deserve a break! 

No plans come in handy sometimes.

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