Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 142 - The Jug Bridge in Frederick

Jug Bridge Demi-john
OK, I will admit that today was cold.  And the rest of the week is going to be cold.  Not as cold as in Minnesota or in Northern Maine, but highs in the lower 20's with wind chills in the single digits is cold for the Mid-Atlantic.  I was pretty sure I was prepared for a walk today, but I was wrong.

In addition to long johns under my jearns, I had on my hooded heavy coat, a hat, my gloves, my flip-top mittens, and two scarves.  I bundled up and drove to a memorial I had seen near the airport, at the intersection of Bowman's Farm Road and Rt. 144.

Road construction on Rt. 70
I walked in my bundled gear up to the monument and read the historical markers.  The odd shaped monument, which is shaped like a jug, was previously located two miles away at the Monocacy River.  It marked the beginning of a five arch stone bridge across the Monocacy, built in 1808 by Leopold Harbaugh (maybe a Superbowl coach's ancestor?).  Although the bridge was officially known as the Monocacy Bridge, it was commonly called the Jug Bridge.  I always  wondered why a restaurant on the eastern side of the present day bridge was named the Jug Bridge Restaurant, and now I know why!

Monument to Lafayette
The bridge lasted until 1942, when a section of it collapsed.  It was replaced by a concrete bridge, which I photographed back in October on Day 51, and that bridge in turn was replaced by the steel bridge that spans the river today.
Me in my gear

The jug-like marker is known as a demijohn.  It, and a monument to Lafayette, were moved to their present location across from the airport for preservation as part of the Historic National Road.

Anyway, back to my cold weather tale.  I realized 10 minutes into my walk that I was freezing, mostly around my face and ears, despite the hat.  I returned to the car, and put up the hood, pulling on the adjustment elastic around the hood.  I also zipped the coat up completely, until it covered my mouth  I felt like little Randy in the Christmas Story, waddling in his snowsuit.  I got back out of the car and walked the route again, feeling much warmer.

Tomorrow and the rest of the week promise the same freezing temps, so if you see a grey hooded creature walking in your area with a camera around its neck, it will be me.

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