Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 127 - Tiny Unionville, MD

Backyard Grass Clippers
Stone House
On the way to my favorite winery, Black Ankle, I pass through little Unionville.  It is a dip off Highway 26, between Libertytown and Taylorsville.  There is a small sign that I have seen in other towns that says "Old Main Street," and although I have searched for information about "Old Main Street" signs on the Maryland Highway website and come up short, I can only assume that the sections of road labeled as such are literally the old main road, before the present day highway was put in place.  My guess is that in the early 1900's, when traveling from Libertytown to Baltimore, which is where Rt. 26 ends up, one would have traveled on the same road I walked today.

Golden Fields
Unionville is so small that when I searched for information about it, I discovered that there are three of them in Maryland.  I think the Carroll County one is by far the tiniest, although all three are unincorporated towns.  In fact, Unionville homes are given Mt. Airy addresses, even though the residents clearly consider their location a place name.

What business was housed here?
I parked at the Linganore Grange Hall and walked up the hill to the big sycamore tree that marks where Unionville Rd connects to Rt. 26, and then back down to the homes that are clustered at the bottom of the hill.  Another road I have mentioned before, Clemsonville, ends (or begins?) in Unionville.  I walked up Clemsonville Road to where it intersects with Rt. 26, then back down again.  I continued past Woodville Road, where a curious brick building bearing an old sign that I think says "Unionville Cream" stands.  It appears unused, though not particularly abandoned.

Patriotic Barn
Unionville Mall
There was a veterinary clinic in one of the homes and a general store/hardware/nursery that clearly tries to meet most needs of the locals, based on all of its signs out front.  Across from the store were a number of parked school buses, part of the Testerman Transportation fleet.

Fill 'er up!
I wish I could learn more about Unionville.  Perhaps I will need to make a visit to the Frederick Historical Society to see if I can find more information about it and some of the other places I have explored.

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  1. MD Tourism sent me a link about Main Street Byways. I will be sure to cover every inch of it!