Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 190 - Cunningham Falls

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Cunningham Falls
Cunningham Falls State Park is in the Catoctin Mountains near Thurmont, Maryland.  Because I needed to go to Thurmont today, I decided that a Monday morning in March would be a good time to visit the falls.  Sometimes, due to the popularity of the site, there are lots of people, kids are climbing all over the rocks, and there are crowds to contend with.  However, just as I thought, there were only a few people around, which made for a nice, quiet walk.
Slow Shutter Speed on the Stream

My friend Norma accompanied me, and we set off on the "lower trail" to the falls, which was the easier of the two routes.  The next time we go, we will wear our hiking boots (which I conveniently broke in while in Death Valley) and take the more difficult trail.

Maple Syrup Collection
Due to the recent wet weather, the trail was a little muddy in spots, but it was clear and easy to navigate.  There were many fallen logs and trees on either side of the path, as a result of damage from Hurricane Sandy and other winter storms.  There was evidence of a lot of log cutting going on, with wood often piled by the side of the trail.

Tree Trunk with Fungus
We photographed the falls, experimenting with slow shutter speeds on both the falls and the creek.

A family of home-schooled boys joined us at the falls -- we knew for sure they were home-schooled when their mother made them stop to read each and every sign along the trail.  When one of the boys skipped one of the signs, she told him he was skipping school, and that he had to come back and read it or go no farther.  He complied.

Stump Designs
Maple syrup collection is happening right now in the park, and this weekend, there will be syrup making demonstrations.  Check the website for more information.  If you go, be sure to include a walk to falls, either on the high trail or the low trail.  You can even bring the dog.


Visit my photography show, "My Maryland," at the public library in Urbana, Maryland, on the lower level of the building.  It is there until the end of April.

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