Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 197 - MIlitary Road by Fort Detrick

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When I read this in the paper this morning, "A temporary pedestrian bridge along Motter Avenue over U.S. 15 is scheduled to open today," I decided that would be the perfect place for my walk.  After all, I am a daily pedestrian, and I have followed the progress of the building of this bridge as I travel Rt. 15, so what better place for my walk today, than an inaugural walk across the new bridge?

Foiled again....

I decided to combine some trips to town today, so I saved the walk on the bridge for this afternoon.  The bridge is supposed to connect Motter Avenue and Opposumtown Pike, making it safe for walkers while the vehicular bridge is undergoing renovation. 

As I was driving to the site, the weather grew steadily worse.  It has been cold today, and we missed the predicted snow, but by 4:00 this afternoon, rain that turned periodically to sleet was coming down steadily.  I arrived at the bridge, and darned if it wasn't open.  "Closed to foot traffic," or something like that, was posted at the bridge.  I don't know if it was the threatened bad weather that kept it from opening, but it certainly was not available for me today.

I did a quick turn onto Rt. 15 South and ended up on the 7th St. exit, and soon I found myself at the Veteran's Gate entrance to Fort Detrick.  I realized I had never been in this area before, so I parked at the corner of Rosemont Avenue and Military and walked the length of Military to the gate at 7th Street and back, about 1/2 a mile each way.  In the sleet.

Fort Detrick is an important part of our economy here in Frederick, and it must have been quitting time, because there was a steady stream of vehicles along Military Road, leaving the complex.

I zipped my camera under my coat, taking it out occasionally for photos, but keeping a close eye on areas where the sidewalk was getting slippery.  Also, I did not want to appear suspicious, walking by a military facility, taking photos. 

I'm ready for some sunny weather. 


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