Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 208 - Green Meadows Petting Farm

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He won't get near a dog, but he will
feed a goat. Go figure.
On the hunt!
I had the grandchildren again today, so I asked for the double stroller.  Around 10:45 this morning I put the kids in sweatshirts and with Easter baskets in hand, we headed for the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Monrovia, MD.  I had seen signs at the farm that there would be daily egg hunts, so off we went.

We arrived at the farm, and I put the kids into the stroller.  First, we did the walk.  I pushed that stroller, with two children, around the perimeter of the farm, to check out everything they offered.  We saw the play area where the egg hunts would be, the tractors ready for a hayride, the tent where kids were lined up for face painting, the barns with cows and rabbits and calves and turtles, and the outdoor enclosures with goats, turkeys, llamas, sheep, a bison, cows, and emu.  In some of the enclosures, the animals were happily mixed together, although the bison let the others know who was in charge.

The bunny kept running away!
Look at those ears!
After our walk around the farm, we lined up for the egg hunt.  I went with Carly in the 1-3 age bracket, and Caden joined the 4-6 group.  The kids fared well.  Each was allowed to find 10 eggs, and there were plenty.

After the hunt, we fed the goats, petted the turkeys and chickens and rabbits, and visited the Easter Bunny.  I opted out of the hayrides, much to my grandson's disappointment, but I told him that the sooner we got home, the sooner he could eat his lunch and then his candy loot.  Worked like a charm.

Happy Easter!
Shall we pet the turkeys?
The photos from today were difficult to get.  The kids were either looking down or looking away at the animals, and for the most part were totally uninterested in having their pictures taken.  However, the first thing they wanted to do when we got home was see the photos.

Obviously, a good time was had by all.


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