Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 192 - Basehore's Mill Road near Taneytown

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Nose to Nose
"Amazing.  Unbelievable."  That is what the driver in the white pickup said when he pulled up next to me and rolled down his window.  However, I knew that he was not talking about me.  It was the scene lining the road.  And it was both amazing and unbelievable.  

 A friend in one of my camera clubs clued me in to "a line of old cars" parked right along side of the road out in the country in Carroll County.  He sent me the road address, so today I drove there, expecting to see six or seven cars parked along the edge of the road.  Instead, there were probably hundreds of cars, although all I could really see what was lining the edge of the road for about a quarter of a mile.

Just a portion of the road.  How many cars are over the ridge?
I parked at a bridge nearby that was swollen with water from yesterday's rain and walked back to where the mass of cars began.  What a sight!  There was an old barn, an old house, and everywhere, as far as the eye could see without trespassing onto the property, there were old cars:  Edsels, VW's, Fords, Chevrolets, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and even a Toyota in the mix.  Near the old house, the cars were probably 15 - 20 deep in the yard, but as I walked along the road, the edge of the road was at a higher elevation, with more cars visible beyond the ridge and into the woods.  

Obey the Rules!
I walked to the end of the line of cars on the road and beyond.  When I turned around, I could see that many more cars were junked in the wooded acreage beyond the road.  How many acres of cars were in there, I do not know.  

Questions popped into my head.  Was this the collection of some eccentric?  Was it once a "used parts" car junkyard now completely rusted and overgrown?  Why does Carroll County allow this site to exist in its current condition?

A coat of many colors
Signs were posted everywhere, including rewards for vandalism, no trespassing, and the biggest irony of all, "no dumping."  I can imagine that it would be impossible to keep vandals out of a place like this, especially since there was no fence.  Cars were just pushed up onto the side of the road and beyond, left for perpetuity, waiting for nature to reclaim them.

Spooky barn
Thanks, John, for letting me know about this place.  It was truly both amazing and unbelievable.


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