Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 61 - The Appalachian Trail at Gathland

What a great walk I had today!  I headed out to Gathland State Park, just beyond Burkittsville, MD.  It is at the top of Crampton's Gap, and a curious monument to war correspondents is erected at the summit.  In the 1880's, George Alfred Townsend, a civil war journalist, built himself a home, a barn, the monument, and even his own mausoleum, which remains empty, since he ran out of money and was buried in Philadelphia.

The state park is relatively small, but the Appalachian Trail runs through it.  I thought that the trail might be littered with fallen trees and branches from the hurricane, so I decided not to walk that way; however, a woman about my age parked in the lot and took off down the trail, so I followed her.  She obviously looked like she knew where to go and probably did it often.  The trail was clear and free of damage.

Helen turned around to see who was following her, and she was nice to allow me to catch up and walk with her.  She lives nearby and walks the trail often.  I told her that I felt more comfortable walking with someone else along on isolated trails.  Helen said that on weekends in September and October that section of the trail was like Broadway, and she will pass 40 - 50 walkers on her outing.  Today, however, it was just us.  We discovered that we were both retired teachers, and that we even know persons in common due to my association with the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center.

Appalachian Trail
After I left Gathland, I headed to downtown Frederick for a nice lunch at Juliet's Italian Market.  I then went on a mission to find a hat suitable for upcoming cold weather walks.  I found a nice wool cloche that covers my ears.

Another great photo walk day is in the books!

The trail follows a rocky ridge

Red Barn - Technically not on my walk, but seen on the
ride home and too pretty to pass up!

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