Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 60 - Lake Linganore, Again

Day two of sick granddaughter care made her, by default, my photo walking partner for today.  The weather finally improved this afternoon, so I bundled her up, put her in the car, and drove about a mile away to a new location in her subdivision of Lake Linganore.

Because I did not have a residents' tag, I parked at a model home in an area of new construction and did my walk there.  We were at the top of some great big hills, and the houses that were under construction actually had the view of treetops below their basement walkouts.

Mockingbird and Bittersweet
There was a lot of bird life around us.  We saw chickadees, wrens, mockingbirds, sparrows, and blue jays.

The air was brisk and quite chilly in the upper 40's, with a slight breeze.  I recalled my German niece, who worked in a daycare center, say that even in rain and snow, they always bundled up the kids in her toddler class and took them outside for their required hour outdoors.  The kids never objected, but the teachers are the ones who had to do all that zipping and booting and buttoning and matching of mittens and pulling on of hats.  That probably took an hour alone to get everyone ready!  So, a 40 minute walk in chilly weather certainly could not harm a sick baby today -- I think it even knocked a few germs out of her.

November Nest
Lake Linganore Spillway
I'm happy to report that I have been relieved of sick grandchild daycare tomorrow.  Although Carly is not yet 100%, her appetite is back and she is beginning to act more like normal.  A red rash popped out all over, so we are pretty sure she had roseola, and she's on a stronger medication for the thrush.  She's going back to daycare tomorrow.  I am going to treat myself to at least an hour long photo walk in a scenic location, yet to be determined.

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Forward to me via email a receipt for donating to the Red Cross.  Include the day of the walk and a description of the photo, along with a mailing address.  The name on the receipt to the Red Cross must match the name of the mailing recipient.  Send the receipt and the photo request to

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