Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 89 - Surreybrooke

The butcher, the
baker, the...
What a beautiful place I chose for my walk today!  Even in late November, when all the leaves are off the trees and the flowering plants have died, this place is magical.

Waiting for summer
Surreybrooke is a nursery/gardening center/workshop/event center/working farm/historic site all built into one.  As you walk the property, you can see how it has evolved from the old brick farmhouse and outbuildings to a venue with a stream, sheds, gardens, meadows, greenhouses, and walking paths.  There is something for everyone.

Doorway to antiquity
As I walked the property I found ponds, a children's garden, a large outbuilding with tables set up for events and workshops, greenhouses, miniature horses in a pasture, and a fabulous summer kitchen, orginial to the home, where candlestick makers have their workshop.  There was a heavenly smell inside the kitchen, due to a large antique tub filled with an orange and cinnamon scented potpourri, waiting to be bagged up for sale. 

Luck lives here
I walked back to the largest outbuilding near the greenhouses and found the owner, busy making some fresh wreaths.  She had not been in the building when I first went in.  She told me that one greenhouse had succulents, and so I went to see, and they were fabulous.

I will surely visit Surreybrooke again, in all seasons.  What a photographer's paradise!

P.S.  The persimmon is for you, Warren, and I did buy some potpourri!

Perfect Persimmon
Hoping for a carrot!
The last day of November

Succulent succulents!

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