Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 88 - Hyattstown

Milton Ridge Chapel
Hyattstown is south of New Market and Urbana, just over the Montgomery County Line.  It is a small, unincorporated town that hugs both sides of Rt. 355.  Founded in 1798, the 19th century buildings that line the road are relatively unchanged.

The Davis House is being restored.
I parked at one end of town, at a modern day shopping center with such amenities as a Dunkin' Donuts and a used bookstore.  Walking south into the town, I came first upon what was clearly an old church, now known as Milton Ridge, a wedding and reception site.  I would never have guessed it; it was only by reading the sign that I was clued in.

The inner glow

I crossed the road to find a sidewalk, and there was another church, the Hyattstown M.E. Church, 1856, now the Hyattstown United Methodist Church.  I continued down the road, being careful to stay on the sidewalk, because the traffic that was constantly streaming up and down the road was clearly on a mission.  Rt. 355 is the "old road" that parallels one of Maryland's busiest roads, Interstate 270.  Many commuters use Rt. 355 to avoid the traffic jams that regularly occur on 270.  Plus, it is a more scenic route than the Interstate.  But it does make for a heavy volume of traffic that flows through little Hyattstown on a daily basis.

Hyattstown United Methodist
I walked from one end of town to the other, crossing over the road in the middle of town to catch the sidewalk that was only on one side of the road, and I ended up at the fire hall.  There I noticed a sign for the Little Bennett Regional Park, so I walked along the road until I found the old grist mill that was built in 1783.  Sometime in the spring, or when I have a companion to walk with me, I will revisit that park and walk along some of its many trails.
Hyattstown Mill

Wavy glass!
It was a beautiful day again, with clear blue skies, and I enjoyed exploring little Hyattstown.

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