Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 65 - Libertytown, MD

On this election day, I went to Libertytown, Maryland, north of New Market on Rt. 75.  Libertytown is at the intersection of two major roads -- Rt. 75 and Rt. 26.  Rt. 26 runs east from Frederick to Baltimore.  There is a stoplight at the intersection in Libertytown, and it is an amazingly busy intersection for such a small, unincorporated town.  Tractor trailers and dump trucks roared past me as I did my walking along the Main Street, which is Rt. 26.

I parked at the big Catholic church and walked around its cemetery before heading for the main road.  There was a huge tree that had come down in the wooded area near a shrine, but luckily, it missed the main structure.

Forgotten Doorway
Libertytown has at least three churches, an insurance agency, an antiques store, and a thrift shop.  There are some other businesses farther out of town, near the elementary school.

Carved Indian
Once on the main road, I walked east along the shoulder when it was safe, and on bits of sidewalk where they were passable.  In some locations, I felt that I was practically walking on people's front porches, so close were they to the road.  Once I got to the park at the east end of town, I turned around and walked west to the other end of town.  I discovered a road that cut over to North Street, which paralleled the main road, so that's the road I used to walk back to the Catholic church.
Pumpkin Eater

Autumn Rocker

Other than traffic rolling through on a regular basis, not much was happening in Libertytown today.

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  1. Love the pumpkin eater and the carved Indian!