Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 63 - Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Original Building Tower
Today I went to visit an old Eastern Shore friend of mine and my late husband's.  Wayne had recently had surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and is recovering well, and knowing that he may be released as early as tomorrow, I decided it would be a good day to visit.
Frits upon frits -- the windows
at Hopkins are covered in frits!

I had fully intended to find a separate location for doing my walk today, but I parked in the garage and walked what felt like a mile or more, since I took the first parking garage I could find instead of locating the one nearest to the tower where his room was.  On my way through the various buildings, including the old, original administration building, I realized that the architectural details I was finding along my way to his room were worthy of making this place my photo walk location for today.

A Building Within
a Building
The view from the
11th floor.
After I got done with a very pleasant visit catching up on old times and news of other old friends, Jane walked me to several windows with good cityscape shots.  She is a reader of my blog, and she told me that when looking out these windows, she knew I would like the view.  She also told me she is rethinking the ways she takes photographs now, after seeing my daily photos.  I love hearing how my blog posts are affecting others in ways I had never imagined -- they are teaching by example, which is gratifying in itself, especially when someone takes the time to tell me about it.

My nemesis!  I don't
do down esclators.
So, I walked the floors, the hallways, the "main loop," up stairs and down stairs after I left Jane and Wayne and said my goodbyes.

We are so fortunate to have this world class medical facility close by.  I spent many an hour with both my oldest daughter (leg surgery) and my late husband (brain surgery and chemo) at Johns Hopkins.

Once I returned to the car, I set my GPS to find dinner at G&M Restaurant, home of fantastic crabcakes.  It was a nice way to top off both a great visit and a great walk!

Sunset on the drive home

Christus Consolator in the Rotunda

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