Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 34 - Oakdale High School

I got a brief reprieve from babysitting today, thank you Kim and Kristy,  so I came home, did a load of laundry, and then went to do my walk.  I drove to a nearby high school, since I had never visited it.

Oakdale High School sits on a high property overlooking the valley where the city of Frederick can be seen. It is a new high school, and even though it is only three years old, it already has three portable buildings behind it.

There was a Pop Warner football event going on today at the football field, with everyone sporting pink in some way for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On the road to the high school is a strange old structure that was being overtaken by weeds and bamboo.  You cannot see it from the road, because it sits at the top of a hill above the road, but in the winter, when there is less vegetation, I had seen it from a different road.  I climbed the hill and discovered the remains of an old road or driveway that was quite wide, with wooden joints and even curbing.  Then there was the pagoda-like structure, which had had some electrical wiring at some point.

 I'd love to know the history behind it, but I could not find anything online.  I will have to ask someone at the historical society.

The skies were gray and threatening rain, and the wind is picking up speed.  A big cold front is moving in.  Tomorrow is going to be quite a challenge for my walk, but not necessarily because of the weather.

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Cam's rules for the Daily Photo Walk:

  1. walk every day
  2. the walk must be in addition to any other planned activity for the day
  3. post a photo every day
  4. use my Nikon P7100 (it is a very convenient size and weight)
  5. no weather excuses
  6. walk only where it is safe to do so

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