Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 39 - Thurmont, MD

Because I had to make a delivery to Catoctin Furnace Village, I decided to head north on 15 and find the town of Thurmont.

Thurmont is best known as the home of Camp David, the presidential retreat.  It was also most recently in the news because of the G8 Summit held there in May of 2012.

This small town is nestled at the base of Catoctin Mountin, the site of a great state park and Cunningham Falls.  That will be another site I will walk, probably when the leaves are gorgeous in a couple of weeks.

Thurmont and surrounding areas were holding a major yard sale, so homes for miles around had their stuff laid out on tables and lawns, for passersby and bargain hunters to take a look.  This yard sale seemed to be the prelude to the huge festival being held in Thurmont this weekend.

Over 25,000 visitors are expected to descend on Thurmont for Colorfest between Saturday and Sunday, when crafters from around the country will set up to sell their wares.  The weather promises to be perfect for it, too.

Today on my visit, preparations were already underway in the town, with "no parking" signs posted along the streets and empty tables set up in yards and parking lots.  Canopies with signs advertising what food or drink will be for sale were already up in many places.

I'm glad I did my walk today, instead of trying to get into Thurmont this weekend.  I wish all the vendors a big profit weekend!

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