Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 47 - Tilghman Island, MD

The old bank turned nautical
book store.
I am writing from a great room in the Tilghman Island Inn.  My friend Joan and I traveled here yesterday from Ocean City to check in to this island getaway.

Tilghman Island is located on the tip of a peninsula that is bordered by the Choptank River on one side, and the Chesapeake Bay on the other.  To get to the island, you travel from Easton, MD, along Rt. 33, through St. Michaels, and then for another 15, when you get to a draw bridge at Knapp's Narrows. 
Swallows line up on the rigging of
a Skipjack.
The entire island, tip to tip, is three miles long.  It is a mixture of old homes and new construction, with harbors sheltering moored yatchs, charter boats, watermen's working crafts, and historic Skipjacks.

Joan and I parked at the Chesapeake House for lunch where they had a nice view of the harbor.  I had a crabcake, of course, and Joan had the Maryland crab soup.  When one is on the Shore, it is smart to eat what they are famous for. 

Joan took this photo of the harbor sign.
This house has a great view.

After lunch we walked some of the side streets, then down to the harbor.  It had rained in the morning, but the afternoon was sunny, with blue skies and puffy white clouds.  This afternoon we plan to sit out on the lawn of the inn where we are staying, watch the water and the gulls, and then have dinner at "Two if By Sea," where we were advised to make reservations.

It was great having a walking partner today.  I welcome anyone who wants to join me on these walks.

The island at at least four houses
of this unusual style.
If you want a relaxing place to stay, there are great choices on Tilghman Island.  Bring a camera, a book, old sneakers, and plan on unplugging for a while. 

By the way, when I opened up this blogging session to write this entry, I noticed that there have been 2053 page views since I started this project 46 days ago.  That's mind boggling.  Thanks!!!

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  4. use my Nikon P7100 (it is a very convenient size and weight)
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  1. The house you pictured on Wharf Road is a jewel. Thanks for posting. In my opinion it is the nicest "M" house on Tilghman Island. I lived on Wharf Road in the 40s & 50s and my grandmother used to visit the lady who lived in that house.
    There are five houses of this style left. At the end of Wharf Rd. where it meets Tilghman Island Rd. is "Miss Geraldine's house. It is the biggest on the island. My great grandfather built a smaller one across the street. Sadly a fire damaged it so badly that they torn it down. A ranch style house took its place. There is a small "M" house on lower Tilghman at the end of Tilghman Island Rd. If you go towards the bridge, there is the "Lee House", which is an exact copy of my great grandfathers house, (built about the same time too, 1898-1900). The final house is almost to the bridge at Chicken Point Rd.
    There are also two houses of this style in Sherwood, which is a couple miles up the road from Tilghman.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and to comment about the M houses. I appreciate knowing more about them, and the history behind them. When I was walking in so many small towns, I could really see the influence that local builders had by putting their unique styles and designs onto homes and businesses in historic towns. I have shared your comments with my readers on Facebook. I enjoy every visit I make to Tilghman Island, and hope to make many more.