Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 48 - St. Michaels, MD

My friend Joan crossing the
bridge to the Maritime Museum.
"Fall into St. Michaels" was the theme for the festivities going on in historic St. Michaels today.  St. Michaels is far more touristy than Tilghman Island, and it has the shops and the boutiques and the restaurants to support the streams of people who visit the town in the summer and on weekends throughout the year.

The town's streets were decorated to the hilt, with pumpkins and witches and fall mums on every porch, and scarecrows attached to all lampposts along the main street.  Activities were going on everywhere, ranging from 5K races to face painting to a witch cackling contest to Jack Russell terrier races. 

The streets were jammed with tourists, but Joan and I managed to find parking and do our walk before blending in with the crowds.  We found some side streets to wander along, always seeking marinas and historic homes and churches.

 Once we were done with our walk, we browsed the shops and found a great lunch at a cafe called The Big Pickle.  After doing a little shopping, we parted ways, me back home to New Market, and Joan back home to Ocean Pines.

It was nice being with my friend on a beautiful fall weekend.  I hope we can get together again soon.

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