Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 54 - Burkittsville, MD

With predictions of deteriorating weather throughout the weekend due to Hurricane Sandy, I decided that I just could not wait for the weather to get any better, so if I wanted to see some more fall leaves, I'd better get out today to a scenic area, despite the gray, overcast skies.

Burkittsville is probably best known as the area where "The Blair Witch Project" was filmed, so what better time than right around Halloween to make a visit?  I would have gone on Halloween itself, but I'd rather not waste a great walking location on a rainy day.

To get to Burkittsville, you take a highly scenic ride toward Harper's Ferry from Frederick, then exit on the same road that takes you to Brunswick, equally scenic in a different way.  Burkittsville is settled along the edge of hills that today were decorated like quilts with glorious fall colors.  The sun never came out on my walk, so they could not be photographed in all their glory, but the residents of that town have quite the view.  There are farms, silos, stone fences, split rain fences, cornfields, cows, and pastoral scenery everywhere you turn.
This pastoral scene was at the end
of town where I parked my car.

The small town lines Main St. and has the requisite pre-Civil War homes, a couple of churches, an antiques shop that did not appear to be open, and a post office.  Some residents were out raking leaves or trimming bushes, taking advantage of decent weather before the onslaught of rain.  There is a walking tour online that you can download to refer to if you want to learn more about the history of the town.

I parked at one end of town and walked to the other end, turning around at the old school.  On my way back, I met a couple of young men from the Washington, DC area who were out enjoying the history and the quaintness of the town.  I could tell they were tourists by the cameras around their necks, too.  We talked a while and I gave them some other ideas of places to visit that are similar to Burkittsville.
I saw these four doors without steps.  I'm sure they
probably had steps at one time, now long gone.

I can see why Burkittsville attracts tourists and plein air painters.  Some tourists may come because of the notoriety of the film, but they surely cannot leave without being impressed by the beautiful setting for this rural village.

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