Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 56 - Maryland School for the Deaf

The Maryland School for the Deaf was established in Frederick in 1868.  The grounds of the school are located along Clark Place, which is lined with beautiful Victorian homes.

I parked my car on South Market Street, which is near the Mt. Olivet Cemetery, the scene of another of my walks.  Today is the last day before the onslaught of rain from Sandy begins, so I took advantage of a quick trip downtown to take a walk in this beautiful neighborhood while there were still some red and yellow leaves on the trees.

 Much of the campus is comprised of traditional red brick buildings with white trim, but as I walked along Clarke Place, I discovered that there is a much newer part of campus that looks like a modern high school.  There was no one on campus today as I was walking, which surprised me.  Many of the residential students probably go home for the weekend, but there wasn't even a neighbor walking a dog.

A unique feature on the older campus of the school is the Hessian Barracks.  This structure was built prior to the Revolutionary War and has served a purpose in several of our nation's wars.

After circling the Clarke Place block back to South Market, I walked along South Market, admiring the well kept brick row houses.  Some were painted and almost every front door was unique.  Many of the windows had the original wavy glass.

I can understand why Clarke Place and the grounds of the school are often described by locals as one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Frederick.

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